Thank you to all who joined us on Thursday- March 8th, 2007
for our fabulous event in Palm Springs
Host:  Atlantic Aviation
Our Valued Sponsors: MultiService & Global Ground Transportation

Keynote Speaker:
We are so very proud to have had Greg Phillips as our evening's lead speaker. We had a rare opportunity to spend an evening gaining insight into critical aspects of safety and accident investigation, least of which is the role you play, from a leading and sought after industry expert.
>A 30 year aviation veteran, Greg served over 17 years with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) having held the prestigious position of Senior Air Safety Investigator, Investigator-in-Charge (IIC).  Greg has been involved in the investigation of over 50 aviation accidents with the NTSB, including the loss of NASA’s Space Shuttle Columbia and serving as lead investigator on the EgyptAir Boeing 767 accident near New York.
Greg has appeared as an NTSB spokesman on several accident investigation documentaries shown on the Discovery Channel, the Learning Channel, public television, and the BBC. 
He currently serves as one of our industries leading safety consultants, providing safety training programs for NASA and NOAA , and serving on safety boards for Sentient Jet and the Commemorative Air Force.